'Bottom Line' proof using Historical Wind Data and Wind Generator Power Curves

The THOHT Mine is a small company dedicated to bringing to market the inventions of Dale Kramer.

Dale Kramer established Ultraflight Inc. in the late 70's to produce his leading edge Ultralight design, the "Lazair." The Lazair ultralight aircraft won many awards and is world reknowned. Dale manufactured and sold 1200 of these aircraft between 1979 and 1985. At least 4 Lazairs reside in museums currently, including the Smithsonian. There are hundreds still flying.

In over 35 years of entrepeneurship Dale has designed, manufactured and marketed a number of other inventions ranging from the Profiler compact disc storage system, the CadyCart robotic golf cart, to protoypes of the Hystar heavy lift airship featured at Expo 85. Ultimately Dale's company, Kramer Concepts Inc., evolved into an electrostatic powder painting company which painted hundreds of thousands of the John Deere Gators in their characteristic green color.

Along the way, Dale has had an active piloting career, including flying competitively in sailplanes. Dale has flown in two World Gliding Championships, won many US regionals and has won a US National Championship. He holds numerous Canadian and US national and state records. He has spent many hours soaring the Allegheny ridges, including a 1000 mile US national record flight. His 40+ years of being an aviator has given Dale a significant amount of knowledge and experience with the wind. 

Dale has written software since 1979 and currently has 3 programs commercially available (WindMapperPro, BMapper and MyDoorman).

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