'Bottom Line' proof using Historical Wind Data and Wind Generator Power Curves

The primary data recording device for winds above ground level is the radiosonde. A radiosonde is a device that is attached to a helium balloon and is then sent aloft. As it ascends to the upper reaches of our atmosphere it transmits atmospheric data to a ground station. Radiosonde data is the primary source of accurate wind, pressure and temperature data which is being used by weather forecasting software around the world. Radiosondes have been in use for over 70 years. There are about 1000 radiosonde release locations around the world and the data is shared by all nations. Generally, each location releases two radiosondes per day, one at 0:00 UTC and another at 12:00 UTC. By using this data, we do not make the height and distribution assumptions of other analysis programs.
The WindMapperPro data analysis begins by obtaining this raw radiosonde data from NOAA / NCDC for the time period and release locations of interest. This often vast amount of data is then sorted and viewed by a human with regard to a number of different parameters. The data is reviewed for consistency and anomolies are discarded where appropriate. When you purchase a WindMapperPro analysis file you are paying for this data filtering process and the unique analysis presentation.
Do you have an interest in the bottom line numbers of how much power can be obtained from some new hi-tech wind generator at a particular location, and how much money will it cost to do this?

WindMapperPro is a program that helps you predict these numbers.
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"WindMapperPro has been instrumental in proving our business case for our high altitude (1000 feet) wind turbine called the Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS)"
Barry Monette
Chief Financial Officer
Photo courtesy NOAA