Begin with the selected location's wind analysis files which we offer for sale.
Choose a suitable power curve or input your own.
Add the following information:

1 The yearly cost of the wind generator (maintenance plus the installed cost divided by expected life)
2 How much can you sell your excess power for?
3 How much energy do you use at the site?
4 If you use energy at the site, how much does it cost to obtain energy during wind lulls?
5 If you have a local power storage system at the site, how many kWhr is it (i.e. batteries)?
6 If you have a local power storage system what is its yearly cost?
7 If you have a local power storage system what is the ratio of kWhr In to kWhr Out?
And WindMapperPro Answers with:
1 The Historic Capacity Factor. (actual output divided by rated output).
2 The Net yearly Profit / Cost of the site.
3 The Net yearly savings for a mini-grid scenario using wind power vs other (likely diesel generators).
4 The sweet spot wind speed for the wind generator where most of the power is generated.
5 The average percent difference in Capacity Factor on a year to year basis.
6 The percent of the time that the wind generator was idle.
7 The most likely wind directions at the site.
8 Having the ability to determine the size of the energy storage system you should install (batteries).
9 Having the ability to see the affect of significantly raising the wind generators height above ground.
10 Viewing the energy output on a daily basis for the whole period.
11 Viewing the state of charge in the storage system on a daily basis for the whole period.
12 and much more.....

'Bottom Line' proof using Historical Wind Data and Wind Generator Power Curves

Wind Generator Salespeople
Wind Farm Developers
Wind Generator Designers
Do you have an interest in the bottom line numbers of how much power can be obtained from some new hi-tech wind generator at a particular location, and how much money will it cost to do this?

WindMapperPro is a program that helps you predict these numbers.
"WindMapperPro has been instrumental in proving our business case for our high altitude (1000 feet) wind turbine called the Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS)"
Barry Monette
Chief Financial Officer