Click Here to Download the WindMapperPro 2.3 Setup File dated Feb-9-2013 (8 mb)
This is the fully functional software program which includes 4 free analysis files.

If you would like an analysis file for your location, please install the software, go to the 'Order Data' page and follow the instructions in the help file.

At this time the approximate cost of analysis files is $300 per year of data for each location. This cost will vary depending on the location and number of years requested.

There is a minimum purchase of $300
Attention VISTA users:
After the installation pogram finishes and before you run WindMapperPro, you must do the following:

Open My Computer and navigate to the c:\WindMapperPro directory.

Right click on the WindMapperPro.exe program file.

Select 'Properties' and then click on the Compatibility tab.

Check the boxes for 'Run this file as administrator' and 'Run... in compatibility mode...' for XP SP2

'Bottom Line' proof using Historical Wind Data and Wind Generator Power Curves

Wind Generator Salespeople
Wind Farm Developers
Wind Generator Designers
Do you have an interest in the bottom line numbers of how much power can be obtained from some new hi-tech wind generator at a particular location, and how much money will it cost to do this?

WindMapperPro is a program that helps you predict these numbers.
"WindMapperPro has been instrumental in proving our business case for our high altitude (1000 feet) wind turbine called the Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS)"
Barry Monette
Chief Financial Officer